Smooth Php
Web Consultants here to help business's write new software and fix legacy code

Open Source

We using CQRS and Event sourcing (when applicable) to create modern scalable applications. Our toolkit is publicly available

CRQS Event Sourcing Framework

This is our bread and butter and we have made it open sourced

composer require smoothphp/crqs-es-framework

GitHub - Documentation

Laravel Adapter

To build up development with laravel applications we have provided a laravel adapter for our CQRS ES Framework

composer require smoothphp/cqrs-es-framework-laravel


Symfony Bundle

Coming Soon

Our Team

We are a small group of web consultants/engineers with a passion for helping businesses create and maintain complex software.

Simon Bennett

Web Developer & Bussiness Consluntant

Jordan Hannah

Web Developer

Tom Needham

Engineer and Software Developer

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